Service Tax Registration in Mumbai

Service tax is a tax which is payable on services by the service provider. For example, Excise duty is payable on goods which are manufactured same as Service tax is payable on services provided. Service Tax was initiated under Finance Act, 1994. According to Budget 2015, Service Tax at flat fourteen percent is levied on the value of services that are tax payable. Every service provider is entitled to this tax in India except those in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Service providers charge their customers more than the actual value of product under the name of Service Tax which in return is submitted to Government of India. Also, Service Tax is only payable when value of service exceeds Rupees ten lakhs in a financial year. However, Service Tax registration is mandatory if company’s turnover exceeds Rupees nine lakhs. Any delay in Service Tax registration can lead to penalties starting from Rupees Five hundred on delay up to first fifteen days. Get service tax registration in Mumbai within 2 days by registering here Tax registration in Mumbai

Advantages of Service Tax Registration in Mumbai

  • Every business with a turnover less than Rupees nine lakhs is exempted from Service Tax registration.
  • In case of more than one premises for providing services, Centralized Registration can be done.
  • Service tax is charged on accrual basis. That is, companies are entitled to Service Tax as soon as services are provided.
  • Not applicable for services that are exported from India.
  • Records provide protection from any tax related legal issues.
  • Ease of registering online.

Minimum Requirements for Service Tax Registration in Mumbai

  • Copy of PAN (Permanent Account Number) issued by income tax authorities.
  • Residential Address proof.