Service Tax Registration in Chennai

Get service tax registration in Chennai and save your time and money by registering here Service tax registration in Chennai . Service tax is an indirect tax levy imposed under chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994 as amended. The rate of service tax is 14.5% nowadays. Service tax is a tax which is payable on services by the service provider. For example, Excise duty is payable on goods which are manufactured same as Service tax is payable on services provided. Service Tax was initiated under Finance Act, 1994. According to Budget 2015, Service Tax at flat fourteen percent is levied on the value of services that are tax payable. Every service provider is entitled to this tax in India except those in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Service providers charge their customers more than the actual value of product under the name of Service Tax which in return is submitted to Government of India.

Procedure for Registration in Chennai

A prospective taxable service provider seeking registration should file an application in Form ST-1(in duplicate) before the jurisdictional Central Excise officer/Service Tax officer within thirty days from the date of notification of the taxable service.Department is required to issue the registration certificate within 7 days of the receipt of the application.In case of failure to issue registration certificate within 7 days,the registration applied for is deemed to have been granted and the assesee can carry on with his activities.

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