Service Tax Number

  • It is a unique 15 digit number allotted to the applicant on successful registration of service tax which will be required to be quoted on all invoices by the service provider. Service Tax Number is required for payment and filing of Service Tax Returns just like PAN Card No. is required for payment and filing of Income Tax Returns.

  • Service Tax Registration of all service providers is mandatory  in case the value of services rendered during a financial year exceeds Rs. 9 Lakhs. In case, the value of services does not exceed Rs 9 Lakh, Service Tax Registration is optional.

  • Service Tax Number is issued within 7 days of filing application for registration.


Format of Service Tax Number

  • Service Tax No. is PAN based, it is based on the PAN No. of the applicant. There are 15 digits consisting of

    1st 10 Digits: PAN No. of the applicant

    11th & 12th Digits: Service Tax Code ( either ST or SD)

    13th, 14th & 15th Digit: Serial No. for Service Tax No. allotted for a PAN Card. If applied for registration of only 1 premise it would be — 001, for registration of 2nd premise it would be — 002.

  • Service Tax Number can be used to check all the details of the applicant service provider – Name, address, division code, range code, location code, commissionerate code, etc.

  • On the basis of the service tax number of an assessee, you can check all details like the name of the entity, registered address of the entity

    Enter the ST number to view these details assessee code details here.



Service Tax is required to be paid on a monthly/quarterly. Service Tax Returns are filed twice every year on a half yearly basis.
Even if tax liability is nil, service tax return is required to be filed . Filing Service Tax Return is compulsory for all service providers who have a ST number.



Service tax number can be surrendered, an application for the same can be filed online from online ACES account on under Reg > Surrender.