Procedure for Online e-payment of Service Tax

Once you register for service tax, you become capable to pay service tax. ST can be paid online and physically. Service Tax Payment has to be made Monthly/Quarterly and in case of delay, late payment fine has to be paid.

It is to be noted that in case the payment made during the previous year is more than Rs. 1 Lakh Online Payment of Service Tax is mandatory.

Physical Payment – GAR 7 Challan

Payment of Service Tax can be made manually in a bank through GAR-7 Challan. (Find Service Tax GAR -7 Challan)

Status enquiry – GAR 7 Challan

Track the status of the Challans deposited in the Banks by entering the Challan Identification No. on, this will give the following details –

  • Deposit date

  • Challan Serial Number

  • Assessee Code

  • Name of Assessee

  • Receipt date by NSDL

  • Confirmation that the amount entered is correct

Online Payment of Service Tax 

For e-payment of service tax, net banking facility must be available in account with one of the authorized banks the ( list of banks authorised ).

Step 1

Log on e-payment of service tax  here with your 15 Digit Service Tax Number .

payment of service tax

payment of service tax

Step 2

Select the Accounting Codes for Service Tax > new opening select the service type on which tax is to be paid.

Select the service, also select both the Education Cess mentioned in the 2nd Table.

payment of service tax

payment of service tax

Step 3

Choose the Bank to make the payment and click Proceed.

payment of service tax

Bank Login Page will pop up. Enter your bank login details and make payment.

A printable acknowledgement indicating the Challan Identification Number would be generated on successful payment. This will be required to be furnished at the time of filing of Service Tax Return.

Excess tax payment can be adjusted in the future tax liability or can be claimed for refund.